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A major U.S. tableware manufacturer presented us with a challenge: Develop one lehr for the multiple functions of preheat/decorating/annealing or annealing-only to fit on existing floor space.

We accepted the challenge, then designed, engineered and produced a versatile, 130-foot borosiliate tableware and ovenware lehr. It was sized to meet maximum decorating requirements, moreover operates as an annealing lehr to run at annealing cycle belt speeds.

As a result of the success of this project, a second, virtually identical lehr was produced and installed to accommodate increasing production needs.


In order to meet an important and immediate marketing commitment to its customers, a U.S. glass container producer contacted Bowman and posed a difficult question: Could we engineer, manufacture and install a 100-ton, 2.44m (96") wide bottle annealing lehr in 6 1/2 weeks?

Although faced with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holidays, we accepted the challenge.

The lehr was completed, then installed on schedule, and the commitment made by the producer was met, on time.


A producer of glass jars wanted to increase production another 30% through their modular Bowman lehr.

By adding zones, in this case three modules, the lehr now accepts more bottles per minute, which equates to a 35% production increase.

And downtime was minimal. Bowman personnel make the complete installation in only two days.


Upon completing an installation, Bowman field service personnel conduct training sessions on the operation and maintenance of each lehr.

Occasionally, additional assistance is required.

A case in point:

After installing three lehrs for a bottle manufacturer in Shanghai, China, the owners and operators made certain adjustments on one lehr which caused production problems.

Bowman was phoned, and on that same day one of our people was en route to Shanghai.

The problem was solved the next day.