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Over the years, Bowman has estabilished, broadened and maintained value-added services that have been proven advantageous to our worldwide customers.

After planning, designing and manufacturing annealing or decorating lehrs, experienced personnell can supervise the installation and work with you on start-up procedures and training.

There is no need to rely on third parties. Bowman offers a single-responsibility, start-to-finish service.

Another service, relied upon and used consistently by glass manufacturers, is our ability to upgrade lehrs to increase their productivity and fuel efficiencies.

And regardless of the make of lehr, Bowman can relocate or upgrade your lehr in minimal time.

In the even replacement parts or components are required, most are inventoried for immediate shipment.

Our staff, knowledgeable in all phases of lehr function and technology, is on-call to answer questions and provide solutions.



Upon completing an installation, Bowman field service personnel conduct training sessions on the operation and maintenance of each lehr.

Occasionally, additional assistance is required.

A case in point:

After installing three lehrs for a bottle manufacturer in Shanghai, China, the owners and operators made certain adjustments on one lehr which caused production problems.

Bowman was phoned, and on that same day one of our people was en route to Shanghai.

The problem was solved the next day.