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Bowman engineering experience and flexibility offer glass producers the features they need for cost effective production.

Modular Construction:
Modular recirculating lehr design offers new versatility with belt widths up to 5.6m (18.5ft.) and speeds of up to 18m/min. (60ft./min.). Design also facilitates lehr installation and simplifies future extension or alteration of lehrs.

Lehr Interior:
Heated zones are completely lined with stainless steel, cooling zones with high quality carbon steel. Belt frames, fans and ducts included in all heated modules.


Insulating Material:
Bowman lehrs are insulated with mineral and ceramic fiber insulation. The unmatched thermal efficiency of this insulation reduces energy consumption by controlling heat loss through the skin of the lehr.


Bowman Burners:
Lehrs by Bowman all have proportional heat control. All are automatic, reliable and safety rated. A 50 to 1 proportional output range means Bowman lehrs can maintain exact temperatures in each zone, even when production conditions change.


Internal Belt Return:
Significant energy savings are guaranteed with our internal belt return system.


Belt Track System:
This system, unique to Bowman lehrs, allows for in-process adjustment to assure proper belt tracking, if required.


Temperature Distribution:
The recirculating air duct geometry developed by Bowman enhances temperature distribution and uniformity.


Superior Belt Brush Assembly:
The Bowman belt brush assembly uses an abrasive cylinder, which not only lasts longer, it provides a consistent prepared surface on the lehr belt which allows for tighter loading patterns and that results in significantly lower energy consumption.

Process Controls:
Each zone is independently and automatically regulated to insure consistent temperatures. Temperatures remain uniform regardless of glass load, or speed of belt. Controlled heat or drift means no hot or cold spots. Remote process control also available.

And More…:
Heavy-duty drive systems, digital or PLC instrumentation. Electric power disconnect; watt hour meters, or gas meters; process control function displays; electric element 5 year warranties; and bottom charge-end rolls for belt-tracking adjustment.




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