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Modular Construction
This concept facillitates lehr installation and, what has proven to be a major and cost-effective advantage, simplifies future expansion or alteration of lehrs.

Lehr Interior
Heated zones are completely lined with stainless steel, cooling zones with high quality carbon steel, ensuring long-term, low maintenance operation.

Insulating Material
Bowman lehrs are insulated with asbestos-free mineral and ceramic blankets securely held in place by a proven mechanical bonding system. The unmatched thermal efficiency of this insulation reduces energy consumption by controlling heat loss through the skin of the lehr.

Internal Belt Return
Significant energy savings are guaranteed with our internal belt return system.

Belt Track System
This system, unique to Bowman lehrs, allows for in-process adjustment to assure proper belt tracking, if required.

Temperature Distribution
The recirculating air duct geometry developed by Bowman enhances tempertaure distribution an d uniformity.

Process Controls
Each zone is independently and automatically temperature regulated. After plotting the temperature curve on the instrument panel, the response is quick and accurate. Temperatures remain uniform regardless of glass load, or speed of belt.



A producer of glass containers wanted to increase production another 30% through their modular Bowman lehr.

By adding zones, in this case three modules, the lehr now accepts more glass containers per minute, which equates to a 35% production increase.

And downtime was minimal. Bowman personnel make the complete installation in only two days.